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With proper care, your medical alert jewelry can last for years to come!

Here's some tips to keep your jewelry looking its best


Make sure to remove your medical alert jewelry when taking a bath or shower. Using soap can result in a film forming on your medical alert jewelry, removing that shine we all love.


Remove your medical alert jewelry when exercising or performing manual tasks to avoid scratching the piece.
Don't forget to leave them close by so that they are always visible. 


Apply perfumes or cosmetics before putting on your medical alert jewelry.
This includes not cleaning your Medical Alert Jewelry with cleansers. Polishing is a good thing, but make sure it is non-toxic.


For those rare times when you are not wearing your medical alert jewelry, make sure to store your accessories safely. This means that you should keep your medical alert jewelry in the pouch it came in.


Avoid pulling on the bracelet

Roll it gently in a funnel motion to put it on to prevent it from breaking.

Perfumes, moisturizers and other products can affect the color and quality of the pearls.

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